Surrey Wedding Company

The Surrey Wedding Company was set up by Ella Radley to offer a wide range of services to brides in Surrey and the surrounding areas.  The concept behind the company is to cater to couples with varying requirements and budgets by creating a totally bespoke package, individual to each wedding.  Ella believes that the most important part of any wedding, is that it reflects the couple who are getting married and that they really do feel that it is the best day of their lives.

Having spent almost a decade working for fashion and bridal designer, Jenny Packham, Ella has an in-depth knowledge of the bridal industry.  Working both in the UK and travelling abroad led Ella to acquire a varied skill base, including creating schedules, managing events and working with a wide range of people.  Being surrounded by beautiful designer wedding dresses and accessories has also given Ella a wonderful passion for all things bridal!

Ella has always lived in Surrey and believes that with its huge variety of venues and beautiful countryside, it is possible to have almost any conceivable type and size of wedding.  Friends would describe Ella as calm, creative, methodical and positive.  All of these attributes lead to her being an efficient and capable Wedding Planner, there to support couples with creating an original and superb wedding.