Large Jaques Connect Four. This beautiful wooden Score Four game can be used inside or outside on a soft surface.  Two players take it in turns to place the wooden discs into the board with the first to place four in a row being the winner. Height: 56cm

Jaques Boules. This high quality Boules set is for up to four players and comes in a smart carry case. Contains 8 boules with one small wooden Jack.

Noughts and crosses

Giant Wooden Dominoes

Wooden croquet set

Outdoor Jaques Skittles. This lovely wooden skittles set is a wonderful outdoor game suitable for all ages. Players take it in turns to roll the balls and knock over as many pins as possible. Contains 6 skittles and 2 balls.

Giant Jaques Snakes & Ladders. This popular game is even better in giant size.  Players take a marker each and the first to the finish line without slipping down a snake is the winner! Length: 140cm

Giant Jenga. This is a great game for all ages.  Players take it in turns to remove the wooden blocks taking care not to knock over the tower.  The first to make it tumble is the loser! Height : 4ft