Last Few Weeks

This service is designed for clients who have been planning their wedding on their own but towards the last few weeks may find themselves running out of time or may have come across some issues which they are struggling to sort out.

We will have a consultation around six weeks before your wedding date in order to review all the plans and any contracts which are in place.

We will identify the areas in which you need assistance and work to smooth out any problems or worries you may have.  We can source any new suppliers or replacement suppliers you may need.  We can also work on the budget with you and adjust things if your plans have changed.

We can then take over the final co-ordination of all the arrangements.  We will create a detailed schedule of the day and we will contact the venue and all of the suppliers to ensure that everything comes together.

We will then be there on the day, as the main point of contact for suppliers and guests.  We will be there to co-ordinate the day, ensure things run on time and to provide any necessary support from first thing in the morning until the first dance.

Prices from £750