Food and Drink

Rustic candy cart sweetie buffet

Rustic Candy cart

Quantity: 1 available

Large solid wooden candy cart with rustic finish. Suitable for sweeties, cakes, cheese, grazing stations and more
3 Packages available.

Bare cart 100.00
Cart including glass jars, scoops & accessories £150.00
Cart including above accessories and sweets for up to 100 people £250.00

Coloured cake stands cake buffet

Coloured Cake stands

Quantity: 5 available

Coloured cake stands in various sizes.

From 4.00

Coloured glass wine goblets water glasses

Coloured goblets

Quantity: 120 available

Glass goblets in various shades for wine or water. Enquire for specific colours and numbers


Drinks dispensers kilner jars

Drinks dispensers

Quantity: 4 available

Dispensers for guests to help themselves.
Capacity 8L


Galvanised drinks baths buckets

Galvanised drinks buckets

Quantity: 6 available

Large zinc buckets for chnapagne, beer, wine, prosecco or soft drinks.


Glass cake stands

Vintage style glass Cake stands

Quantity: 8 available

Clear glass and white pedestal cake stands.
Various sizes


Green glass milk glass mosser cake stand

Green Glass Cake Stand

Quantity: 1 available

Pedestal cake stand.
12" Diameter


Small glass milk bottles

Small glass milk bottles

Quantity: 100 available

Milk bottles for cocktails or children's drinks.
200ml Capacity


Sweetie buffet candy jars

Sweetie buffet

Quantity: 1 available

Decorative glass jars for sweets or desserts.
2 packages available .

10 empty jars and scoops 55.00
Sweetie filled jars for up to £100 guests from £150.00

Silver cake stand

Antique silver plated cake stand

Quantity: 1 available

Vintage cake stand.
15" diameter